1-13-2019 Do You Hear Him Now


January 13, 2019



Topics to share don’t always come easy. I confess, I like it when I feel God impressing me early in the week and I have time to pull thoughts together, write a several drafts and then settle in on a final version. But it’s not always that way. Sometimes I really struggle to hear His words and sense His leading.


Wow… that sounds like I’m blaming God for ‘my inability to hear Him’. But, that’s not it at all. It’s always me. I know it is because I know God is always working. And if God is always working, He is always communicating. And if God is always communicating, there is always a message. And if there is always a message, there is always someone who is supposed to receive it. But if that someone is not listening or is distracted… to that listener there is silence… and if there is the perception of silence… there is a failure in communication… the listeners fault, not God’s.


That’s why I can confidently say it’s always me. I’m the one who allows God’s communication to become drowned out by the ‘bellowing’ of life’s issues. It’s like a constant ringing in my ears getting louder and louder, or the not-so-subtle murmur of background noise robbing my ability to understand what is being said. Unfortunately, it’s only when I discover that I need Him do I stop, concentrate and listen to Him. If I would only seek Him first with each step, how much easier it would be.


What I’m trying to express is that without His leadership in my life… I flounder. I flop around like a fish on dry land desperate for God’s direction. For me, my need to hear from Him isn’t just a desire… it’s a necessity. His guidance provides the center hub of my life which every other aspect of my life revolves around and is dependent on. And I am reminded one more time… “Where would I be without God?”

Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry