1-19-2020 Accumulated Stuff


January 19, 2020



Let me start by saying, “The picture is NOT our basement!!” But I am sitting in my office watching Connie and the girls cleaning out years of memories from our basement. Some of its just “stuff” we just knew we couldn’t get along without. Some have sentimental value and I can see them fighting the resistance to keep it. Other items are being categorized and stored so future generations can remanence. As a wise individual I know better than get in the middle of the effort. But I am keeping an eye out to make sure they don’t gravitate into my area.


It’s amazing how much is accumulated the years. A piece here or there, a memory here or there, and soon the space is full. When the space becomes too full there is a tendency to become overwhelmed. When we become overwhelmed, the tendency is to ignore, run away or just pile more on top of what is already there. Each has its own issues.


The same result is frequently seen in our spiritual lives. I believe one of the most efficient tools in Satan’s toolbox is to keep us so busy we become overwhelmed. Be very careful though, because Satan also convinces us that we are doing too much in hopes that we back off and do nothing. That’s where two factors are critical to our Christian walk… learning to be in tune with the Holy Spirit’s leading and understanding our spiritual gift(s).


So, our goal should always be, as God’s Word instructs us…


Hebrews 12:1 (NASB)
1 let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us,

Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry