1-22-2017 Putting the Pieces Together


January 22, 2017


I can remember as a boy growing up in an age before cell phones, cable television, internet, Facebook, computer games (computers in general) that we used to occupy ourselves in the evenings with puzzles. The more pieces the better, the smaller the pieces the better and the more intricate the picture the better. I can hardly remember a time that the game table was not occupied with a puzzle in -progress.


The first thing we did after opening the box was to carefully pour out all the pieces on the table. To lose one piece out of a 1000-piece puzzle was frustrating and besides you wouldn’t find out until the last piece was ready to be placed. Once that was accomplished, we would turn every piece ‘face-up’. After that tedious job was completed, the next step was to find every edge piece and put the outside of the puzzle together. From that point on the box cover was always propped up as a guide to follow. You see if we didn’t know what the picture was, we would have spent a lot of time in trial and error guessing the outcome.


It’s the same in our relationship with God’s Word. God has accumulated everything we need to know about Him to live a daily life of victory. He has painted for us a perfect picture of who He is as a continuous guide. That’s the difference between the Bible, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and other religious books written by man through man’s knowledge. As we follow God’s Word, we complete the picture He has prepared for each of us. And as the picture develops, we are able to see that indeed He does have a plan unique for every one of us.


I praise God for His eternal faithfulness!!


Thank You for your faithfulness! Pastor Larry