12-3-2017 Borrowed Possessions


December 3, 2017


All week it’s been nothing but budget talk. The House of Representatives passed their version of the annual budget. The Senate passed their version. Every time I got into the car Dave Ramsey was on the radio coaching listeners concerning their personal budgets. I have a budget app on my phone that updated this week. This is the time of year we finalize Connie’s childcare facility budget for next year. And the Lakeside Financial Team this week met to discuss recommendations for our 2018 budget. In fact, the topic of budgeting came up so frequently that I began to wonder if that was supposed be the topic of my message.


All attempt at humor aside, how we handle our finances according to God’s Word is a reflection of our character. We all have at one time or another gotten painted into a corner from which we’ve needed assistance getting out. That helping hand could have come in a variety of ways and I am sure was offered with the thought of providing a hand up not a hand out. Being painted in a corner though should never become a lifestyle.


In all of this we need to remember whatever God allows us to possess in this world is just borrowed. It’s never really ours. And whatever He allows is always intended to be invested in God’s kingdom according to His conviction. We see that clearly in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30). We try to claim it as our own. We attempt to possess it for our own security. We even try to hoard it for our own satisfaction. Yet possessions are never our own… there is only one place where eternal security is available, beyond that, satisfaction is alluding and fleeting outside of God’s will.


When was the last time you asked God to reveal His plan for the possessions, He has allowed you temporary use of? Perhaps today may be a good time to start.



Thank You for your faithfulness!


Pastor Larry