12-30-2018 Just a Spectator


December 30, 2018


I, for one, feel blessed that I am but a spectator in this world. I honestly don’t know how anyone functions with an ounce of sanity without the confidence that regardless of the ‘happenings’, God has those who are His secure in His hands. As a spectator I am able to take comfort in the certainty of the assurance that my future is built on the ROCK… not on shifting sands.


For me, all that is happening around me has the similarities of being a spectator at a sporting event. I sit in the stands, I watch the events, but I recognize that regardless of how hard I cheer I really don’t have personal control of the events on the field. As an investor I want the market to do well… as a citizen of this amazing country I desire for the USA to prosper… and as a Christian I believe it is vital that our government make decisions based on the values of God’s Word. Yet God has given mankind free will and how mankind exercises that free will is an individual responsibility.


So, we pray (cheer)… we encourage (exercise Christian influence) … and we watch in anticipation (remain faithful and hopeful that God will intervene). You see, as confident as I am that Christ’s return is imminent, I am also confident that until the very last play of the game is competed there is eternal hope for every participant. Even though we, personally, don’t have control of the action…God has given us control of our own actions and We never give up! Victory is assured.


I believe 2019 will be an amazing year that we will see God move in numerous ways. We are called to remain faithful… and faithfully we will stand.



Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry