2-10-2019 Compromising the Christian Walk


February 10, 2019


Allow me the freedom, please, without being judged, to share a concern for a moment. I need to be perfectly honest concerning an attitude I am struggling with. It’s a growing frustration watching those who profess to be God’s own, place God’s standard’s second to even the most offensive of man’s social standards.


Before I continue, let me assure you, I am not confronting this attitude from the pedestal of perfection. God still has His hands full correcting, teaching and training me. Consequently, recognizing the lack of perfection in my own personal walk with Christ, (still living in a sin influenced world, even though we are assured our struggle is not against flesh and blood) the only sure path to approach the aspects of this attitude is through the absolute, perfect, never changing, guidance of God’s Word.


To accomplish that, it has been my prayer that God would provide the wisdom and ability to lay aside my personal biases, influencing experiences of delusion, and so-called worldly wisdom so I can purely meditate on His Word. With that in mind, I ask you to consider the question I’ve been asking myself… “Why are Christians, who know what God’s Word declares and commands, supporting social issues that are in direct contradiction with God’s Word?’


Jesus unequivocally declared…


John 14:15 (NASB)
15 "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.


Seems pretty absolute to me.


How does anyone claiming a life-changing experience with Christ live in agreement with world positions contrary to God’s teaching and still expect God’s uninhibited flow of blessings into their lives?


John 14:21 (NASB)
21 "He who has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me; and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him."


Yes, I agree, even though we are now citizens of heaven (Phil 3:20) we still have responsibilities that connect us with the society God has placed us in. For that singular reason are we referred to as both “salt of the earth” and “light of the world” in Matt 5:13-14. I interpret this as being called to influence society by reflecting Christ in everything we do. Still, we are no longer our own… we are called out… we are separated from the world system… we are Christ’s and we are to neither participate in or accept the world’s self-centeredness.


There have been many analogies concerning salt and what Jesus’ intention was by comparing followers of Christ to salt. Some say salt is white representing purity, other say salt enhances flavor representing Christian’s adding divine flavor. While others say salt creates a thirst representing a thirst for righteousness. But I especially appreciate that, as one teacher pointed out, salt also stings when it’s applied to an open wound. Right now, the world has a gapping wound caused by sin and even though that wound needs healing, the world is doing all she can to avoid contact with the stinging salt.


So, in my searching, I’ve been forced to ask two questions, 1st, “Why do some who claim Christ, support social agendas contrary to all Christ taught”, and 2nd, “Are we, as Christians, neglecting our responsibilities by folding our hands and soothing our conscience toward the direction of society by proclaiming, “It must be God’s will” or “It’s just a sign of the times” when we know from God’s Word similar actions brought God’s wrath in the past. And since God is the same past – present – future… He still hates sin (James 1:17 and Heb 13:8). As we should too.


From this, one final question arises, “In what form are we held accountable today for our inaction in fulfilling the calling God’s Word assures us is never withdraws from us?” (Romans 11:29)


I ask, because Paul, through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, wrote…


1 Corinthians 9:26-27 (NASB)
26 Therefore I run in such a way, as not without aim; I box in such a way, as not beating the air;
27 but I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified.


Just food for thought… and a word of caution.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry