2-4-2018 Those Special Moments


February 04, 2018


Several months ago, my brother was cleaning out my mother’s garage and found an old saltwater fishing rod my grandfather used back in the 70s for bridge fishing while they lived in St Petersburg, Florida. My brother doesn’t fish so he called me to see if I would like it. Of course, I accepted, and it’s now mounted on the wall of my office. I put a tag on it explaining who it belonged to and what it was used for. Someday one of my grandchildren will inherit it and I want them to appreciate the history behind it.


The piece of history imbedded within that rod they will never be able to comprehend is that I associate that rod with the only time I can clearly recall my grandfather being extremely frustrated with me. It happened during a visit I made to see them in St Petersburg, Florida. As the date drew near we made plans to fish for Snook (a prized saltwater fish that makes a huge popping sound as it inhales the bait). Grandpa had learned to fish them from a neighbor and he was excited to share the experience with me.


As I recall the events, we were on the bridge and as my grandfather handed me the rod he told me to just hang on and he would teach me how to tie the leader to the line using a blood knot. Little did he know that I had tied that knot for years and could tie it with my eyes shut so I went ahead and tied it. When he saw that I had not waited he blew up. I was shocked but never said a word. I had too much respect for him.


I sat in my chair this week, observing that rod on the wall and relived that moment one more time in my memory. Being older, wiser (?? perhaps less immature) and having a grandson who loves to fish as much I do (who I enjoy teaching), has provided me an understanding that his frustration was not because I tied the knot. His frustration was that I had robbed him of a special moment he had planned for and looked forward to for the two of us together. It would not have hurt an iota to let him have that special moment where time spent together was more important than a silly o’ knot.


It occurred to me that we can also do that to God. In our immaturity we often rob Him of those teaching moments. Think about it. Every moment of every day God is in the process of teaching us. Teaching us to love Him deeper, teaching us to trust Him more, teaching us to be more faithful and true, teaching us to be more patient and more eager to learn. And every one of those moments are special moments, planned specifically and intimately by God for He and you. And what do we often do? (I say this from experience.) We get ahead of Him because we think we know better. Or we think we can anticipate what He is trying to teach us. My experience tells me it’s so easy to do it, we do it without even considering what we might be losing by robbing Him of that time.


Our desire should be that of the Psalmist…


Psalm 25:5 (NASB)
5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me, For You are the God of my salvation; For You I wait all the day.


Are you spending time with God? Or are you robbing Him of those special moments of one-on-one intimacy?

Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry