3-13-2022 Victors Again


I usually do this from my boat but… since hard water still encapsulates the lake… I sat in my office and reflected on the soon to be 2 years since the pandemic lock-down happened. I am thankful that, except for a few weeks, our congregation has maintained a pretty normal sense of worship. Oh, we’ve made changes. The unknown often forces one to do that. But I am also confident that the changes weren’t made out of fear… but out of prudent precaution.


What really grieved my soul is how Satan has used so many factors to hinder the spread of the Gospel. With so many folks unable to attend who would love to attend, my contact with fellow Pastors confirms that all churches are still losing able attenders. As the Body of Christ, we need to be alert to Satan’s scams because it’s so very easy to get out of the routine of attending. It's easy to listen to or watch a service on the TV. It can seem so nice to ‘do church’ for an hour and instantly be home…no drive… no rush… no shower… no hair and makeup… no hassle… and lunch is both ready and prayed over at the last “Amen”. I guess we could dub it “The church of convenience”. So much so, many of the “once faithful” have changed their membership to those rolls.


There’s a part of me that shouts “halleluiah, at least they’re attending somewhere”. The other part of me grieves because I can guarantee you, they have also changed their membership to “The church of no spiritual growth”. God’s Word proclaims that we are “not to forsake the fellowship” for a vital reason… corporate, in-person, intimate fellowship nurtures and encourages spiritual growth. An aspect of our walk that is beyond vital to that growth.


What really concerns me is the realization that Satan’s not done. If fear wasn’t enough, high gas prices… growing inflation… being nursed dependent on government handouts… is just another attempt to draw our attention away from who we should be physically and spiritually dependent on. And folks, its not a sufficient response to declare “it’s just a sign if the times”. NO WHERE in God’s Word does it give us permission to stop the fight… stay at home… join the church of convenience and no growth to the detriment of Kingdom growth.


Do I get tired? Absolutely! … Do I get frustrated? Absolutely! … Do I long for the way it was a couple short years ago? Absolutely! But, do I get discouraged? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Because Satan is already defeated. We, as Christians, need to remember to Pray for both those who can’t and those who could and don’t… and once again… LIVE… WORSHP AND SERVE LIKE THE VICTORS WE ARE IN CHRIST.


God bless us and keep us as we victoriously move ahead. Pastor Larry


Matthew 9:37–38 (NASB95)

37 Then He *said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

38 “Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”