3-3-2019 Remember Your Youth


March 3, 2019


I wonder if those of us who have had a relationship with Christ “many years” might not have forgotten what it’s like to be a brand-spanking-new Christian. For everything you encounter to be new and undiscovered in your walk with Him. I wonder if we “old timers” haven’t forgotten how daunting it was to not know Old Testament from New Testament… Genesis from Revelation… or King David from King Solomon.


New Christians hear for the very first time with new spiritual ears, yet still can’t fully comprehend the terminology so commonly used among Christians. Remember how frustrating it was? Eager to participate yet still shy enough to hold back to avoid putting your spiritual ignorance on display. That’s why I do my best to take time to explain the details and find some encouragement in every statement or question even though 99% of those sitting in the pews may already fully understand.


Remember, it’s the new 1% I am doing my best to bring up to speed. Besides, if you’re listening too, you just learn something you never comprehended before… that’s called being a disciple. In fact, I need your help. If you’ve reached the point of spiritual maturity where you have nothing more to learn… let me know your secret because I’m not there yet. After 61 years of following Christ I am still learning to be like the master.


I knew early on that God had given me a passion for training. Whether I‘m preaching, teaching, performing a wedding or even a funeral service, my heart is always pulling me to discover and reveal something that will first, make me a better teacher and second, make the listener a better disciple. Sadly, that has frustrated some who desire to have their funny bones tickled… be entertained by the message… or feel a message should always make them feel good about themselves.


To those individuals I offer no apology… there is nothing funny about anyone spending an eternity in hell… the message of the Gospel is dead-serious…even offensive to many. If I were called to be an entertainer… God would not have called me to “shepherd” and instead given me the heart of an entertainer. Regardless of the message (“seed” for those who have absorbed the recent messages) all the seed is the same… the “seeds” growth is based the composition of the soil whereon it falls (the receiver of the message). Receive the Word!!

Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry