4-7-2019 Christ Alone


April 7, 2019


Sometimes I wonder why my mind goes where it goes. Especially when it comes to politics. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I HATE politics. Now, I am an adult (most of the time anyways) and I understand two things: 1) there are issues that both sides of the aisle will never agree on and 2) neither side is 100% correct on every single issue all the time. That however, doesn’t mean that it is necessary to seek compromise on every issue. There are issues that as Christians (true believers… Christ followers), we have to stand our ground… ALWAYS based on God’s Word.


Where my thoughts have repeatedly settled this week is on the legislative structure of our government. This is what I mean. There are approximately 328.6 million individuals (as of 10:04 AM Saturday) in the entire United States. The founding framers of our constitution established the United States as a representative Republic… rather than a democracy, for a variety of very valid reasons. Most profoundly because that frame work provided the best advantage of equal representation for the entire population, rather than on the will of a few population centers. One recent example is the electoral college where electoral votes, rather than a popular vote, determines our President.


There is a real push by some to reject that method of Presidential elections and revert to a true popular vote. To do so would move all elections concerning our President into the hands of few urban centers and place rural areas at the permanent mercy of a few States. For example, the City of San Francisco alone has a population of ±885,000 whereas the entire State of Wyoming has a population of ±580,000. Guess who wins every time with a popular vote? This is opposite of the intentions of our framers. Praise God, the process to change the process involves a constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 of the States approval. But that hasn’t stopped the centralizing of power in our government.


Continually this week my mind has dwelled on one single fact… those in governance have manipulated the rules within legislature in such a manner that 328.6 million individuals are truly at the mercy of 8 individuals. Think about it… 8 individuals. The President, the Speaker of the House, The Majority Leader in the Senate and any 5 of the 9 individuals on the Supreme Court. Are there checks and balances? Yes, but they are very few and very difficult to navigate.


The President can veto a bill and/or issue an Executive Orders to unelected agencies… the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader, with only very minute exceptions, determines which bills come to the floor of their respective chambers… and a majority of 5 on the Supreme Court sets into motion judgments that have a daily impact on every single one of the 328.6 million lives. (including those yet to be born).


Think about it again… Eight, fallible human beings… who are influenced, intentionally or unintentionally, by external circumstances and voices… who, knowingly or unknowingly, possess a sinful nature that include all the attributes of fallen humanity… who execute, wittingly or unwittingly, personal and social agendas that too often run contrary to God’s Word. The tragedy in this (with only a very few exceptions) is that it is not isolated to just one side of the so-called ‘aisle’.


To the Christian’s detriment (that’s who I’m addressing) … it’s so easy to overlook these “short-comings”, especially if we happen to agree with their position on an issue. It’s especially easy to overlook the theft of one person’s rights (profoundly so, if we don’t participate in the performance of those rights) forgetting that a thief is never satisfied with one robbery. Sooner or later that very same thief will sneak into your household too and rob you of a right important to you. Never forget abortion… prayer in schools… ability to share Christ in schools. Beware! The thief is crouching in the bushes outside every one of our homes and churches.


This year, for the very first time in our nation’s history, churches and non-profits, are subject to taxes under certain circumstances. And within the last several weeks the 7th circuit court located in Chicago, praise God, has over-ruled a Wisconsin lower court ruling that declared that ministers housing allowances were unconstitutional and should be taxed. Had the ruling stood, it would have devastated many small churches across the nation who are unable to fully fund their Pastors. Folks, we need to be on the watch!! Because it is still not over.


Luke 12:39 (NASB)
39 "But be sure of this, that if the head of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have allowed his house to be broken into.


An article in moody Church Media titled, The Demise Of Religious Freedom In America” By Erwin W. Lutzer | 2014 stated…

  • … in our great United States, hate speech laws and recent court rulings seek to restrict our right to believe, preach, and practice one’s religious convictions.  The supposed line of separation between church and state” means that God must stay on His side of the line in our country’s education, politics, law, science, and workplaces. Beware if you live out your religion in the so-called public square, because you just might find yourself slapped with a lawsuit.”.


Here is my heart… Christians must always live GOD FIRST. There is no room for compromise when God’s Word clearly states that an action… decision… position… or direction is contrary to or defies God. Every single day, every one of us is accountable to God in one fashion or another. When we live lives contrary to God’s Word we rob (yes, we become the thief) … and we rob God of His freedom to bless us as fully as He truly desires.


Yes, we live in a society that has delegated overwhelming power to just 8 individuals, out of 328.6 million. Individuals who have, and continue to, impact lives in unimaginable ways. But I just can’t help but wonder if that’s because Christians have been absent from the foot of God’s throne? Is it because Christians are all too willing to ignore God’s precepts and let slide the ungodly attributes of fallen man just because that individual has the same view on an issue as we do? Is it because Christians are all too willing to watch the thief steal rights from others because, quite frankly, that right just doesn’t affect them? At what point do we say… “Enough is enough” and stand firmly together on the foundation of our faith in our Lord?


Being a Christian (Christ follower) is not just a ‘life-style’ performance. Being a follower of Christ describes WHO WE ARE at all times, in every circumstance and especially in the bright headlights of every issue we face. When we accept Christ as our Savior (by the way that’s the only Biblical definition of a Christian… being reinforced by the defined walk of a Christian, “If you love Me, keep my commandments”, Jesus, Jn 14:15 ) we not only change directions in our walk… we surrender every aspect of our lives to Him. And ONE… GOD ALONE… consisting of three distinct, harmonious individuals… God the Father… God the Son… God the Holy Spirit… has the real – true ultimate power over our lives.


John 10:27 (NASB) 27 "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me;


Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry