7-28-2019 One Dull Knife


July 28, 2019


I trust you have not been overwhelmed by the latest sermon series. As a Pastor-Teacher it is my conviction that we need to be challenged concerning our understanding and application of God’s Word. My challenge is the limited time I have each Sunday to be complete a message… the 7 days between messages… and the varying spiritual maturity levels of all who are being taught. Every one of you is important to me… I possess a real sense of responsibility.


For that reason, PLEASE! If you do not understand something or question what I have said, ASK. I offer this for two reasons: 1) I am human and sometimes words don’t flow out as I intend them. If I present something questionable that needs clarification, I need someone to alert me, and 2) I am a teacher at heart. It does not offend me to be questioned as long as the questioner comes to me with an attitude of exploration. Besides, I am still learning too as God never stops revealing truth… my personal spiritual growth is as important as the spiritual growth of those whom I have been called to teach. WE ARE ALL STRONGER WHEN WE GROW TOGETHER.


Proverbs 27:17 (NASB)
17 Iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens another.



Speaking if iron… like some of you, I’m a knife collector. I don’t have a huge collection but enough to fill a 4-foot-long shelf. I was cleaning the dust off some of the knives this week while reflecting on the first knife my dad gave me. I couldn’t tell you the make with any assurance, although it was probably a Buck. I do remember that I was young enough that dad rounded the point and dulled the blade enough so I wouldn’t cut myself until I became proficient with it.


One might be inclined to ask what good a “dull knife” is, especially one without a point. Fair question. The answer though is not found in its usability but in the pride of possessing it and the confidence brought about by the feel of it in my pocket. When I carried it, I knew I possessed something special even if I didn’t know exactly how to use it yet.


The same feeling is experienced for the new Christian. Salvation is the most precious gift we can possess. Yet, as new Christians, while they possess it, they still need to learn the impact it has on their lives. That’s part of what we call “sanctification”. It’s interesting because most of us understand sanctification as a process, yet sanctification is actually both a process and a pursuit.


Hebrews 12:14 (NASB)
14 Pursue peace with all men, and the sanctification without which no one will see the Lord.


For us to GROW TOGETHER – we need to pursue together. And as we do… the dullness becomes sharp.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry