9-9-2018 What's Behind the Door?


September 9, 2018


At this moment Connie and I are metaphorically standing before three windowless doors. No, this is not ‘The Price is Right’ where there is a ‘choice of doors’, all three of our doors will be opened. And unlike ‘The Price is Right’ we do know what is behind all of the 3. What we don’t know is the final form of what is to be revealed behind each door.


We have no control what-so-ever over what is behind door #1. Honestly, it would be easier if we did… but that is not the path we’re on. Door #1 forces us to be totally at the mercy of others. Whatever’s behind door #1 will deeply affect us, our employees and the almost 50 families we serve. So, we anxiously wait until ‘others’ open this door enabling us to see the final form of what will be revealed.


The door #2 actually depends on what door #1 reveals, but oddly needs to be opened before door #1 is opened. So, not knowing the form of what door #1 will reveal increases door #2’s uncertainty. When we factor in that variable to the equation… the anxiety builds even more.


Fortunately, we do have control of door #3 and it can be opened last or even be delayed. Still… like door #2, door #3, depends on door #1’s form. It’s also ultimately affected by what’s behind door #2. If you’re confused by now… try walking a mile in our shoes. Given the cause and effect behind each door, we’ve spent considerable time in prayer.


I don’t know about you, but waiting has not always been my best trait. I’ve been a problem solver all my career… “git r done” was my mind-set before it became a popular descriptive saying. Understand, I am learning to slow down and allow God the freedom to work… but still, and occasionally, I find myself trying to ‘set my heels hard’ in some areas. When I do, God simply has to ask, “Can you hear me now?” … “Have I gotten your attention yet?” … “I can wait an eternity, if necessary, … can you?”


Having a personal relationship with Christ for over 6 decades, teaching God’s Word for over half of those years and being called to Pastor for almost two decades has taught me that it’s best to pay attention and listen the first time so as to not miss God’s perfect timing. So, like so many… when anxiety finds an open crack in my life I fall back on Jesus’ words as recorded by Matthew…


Matthew 6:34 (NASB)
34 "So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


John McArthur in explaining this verse writes this… “Making reasonable provisions for tomorrow is sensible, but to be anxious for tomorrow is foolish and unfaithful. God is the God of tomorrow as well as the God of today and of eternity…


It seems some people are so committed to worrying that, if they cannot find anything in the present to worry about, they think about possible problems in the future.


The phrase “Each day has enough trouble of its own” is not a call to worry about that trouble. It’s a call to concentrate on meeting the temptations, trials, opportunities and struggles we have today, relying on the Father to protect and provide as we have need. There is enough trouble in each day without adding the distress of worry to it… God does not give us grace for tomorrow now. He only gives His grace a day at a time as needed, not as it may be anticipated.”


Every one of us will face windowless doors in our lives. Each door will require steps of faith without the knowledge as to what the door will finally reveal. For me… My faith has taught me to be thankful that when the doors are finally opened… and the form of what’s behind them is revealed… God is never caught by surprise and has prepared me for whatever comes. He can and will do it for you too if you allow Him and trust Him. He is forever faithful.

Thank you for your faithfulness. Pastor Larry